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Monday, September 26, 2011
Its Complicated???
I wonder how it feels to actually be complicated. Oh wait...I am in that state now! The problem is.....who is the real slim shady?? Can you please stand up??? Because I can't see you standing at all. Sometimes I wonder, why is there so many complications in life? Placed there for a purpose? I guess it just happens....that's what some people say, but I beg the difference. Complications in life, may it be family, friends, enemies, lecturers, colleagues, relatives ( can't miss that one out can we?) everyone faces it in may different ways.

Need i say more about boyfriends and girlfriends or even married couples. That is where everyone in this world puts the blame on. Complications. #1 factor of problems. But hey, why don't we look at things this way then. Why don't we actually look at the problem rationally? Most of us just wanna avoid it so to say to keep things on the safer side of life, making it less complicated...but there again, you might just make it worst right?

Lets just say if we took a day of just to find the solution to the complication, could we get the answer? I'd say yes, what would you say? Leave your comments below in FB or my blog itself. Till then people.... ~=.=~