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Monday, August 1, 2011
Holidays are fun!!!!.....are you sure???
Yay! the hols are in!!! Its gonna be fun!!! More rest time, more gaming time, more downloading time, more.....more boredom....haiz.....

Thats how i see it now. With no place to go, or with people to hang out, let alone not enough cash. UGH! It makes my life a living hell now!!!

I just wish there was a money tree that is in my house, near enough to reach the higher notes which can last me a long long time and in abundance so that i don't even have to think about working in the future.


I'm still studying with just some extra time on my hands to chill out and figure the hell out what i need to do for my final year project!

OMG!!! I still have no clue what-so-ever to what i need to do for my FYP!!! Does anyone have some ideas to share in the bank here???

Just so you know that i'm in the IT field and these are one of the few areas i can cover. The requirement for my FYP is to create an application, a working one in the following fields:-

  • JAVA - inventory, library, ticketing system, game (simple ones) and many more in JAVA which you can think off
  • - E-commerce website with SQL Database, or any website that requires C# and SQL languages
  • Flash - Game, E-book, E-learning system, Flash Website, or anything which requires flash in your daily life.
  • C++ - I don't know anything which i can think off in this Section, enlighten me if there is anything you know
  • Or anything else that comes to mind to create a working application
These are the fields that i can master in, if u have suggestions, proper ones of course since i'm doing only my diploma now, keep the level in this prospect

So much for the holidays huh??? And where in the world is my coursework marks for my Photoshop subject??? All are out except this....hmmm, I hope i did well though...Please mark well for me!!!! :P

Aight, ppl. Gotta ciao now, its like 3.37am now..zzzzzzzz time

p.s: you know me bz bz bz. so so so sorry for the long winded updates that ya'll had to wait...i'll keep posting frequently from now on i hope... :S

Peace XOXO