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Sunday, October 18, 2009
Heaven's call
For all things, that come and ago.,
There are some things, that are hard to let go,
It hurts me bad, in my heart to owe,
For the person, that is about to go,

For you were, the one to see,
Among everyone, alone I see,
Admiring you, was a sight to see,
For it took me down, to the deep blue sea.

Meeting you, afraid I was,
For admiring, was the one to cause,
What a way, to spot a pause,
The chemistry, that affixed the clause.

Love prevailed, to the highest peak,
As matrimony, came in to speak,
On behalf of God, being witness to seek,
But it all went off, in a shriek.

The bell rung, in an awful tone,
For the church gazed, upon the throne,
You fell against, a single stone,
For fate came in, a life it stole.

As now I lay, my hands on you,
Asking if, you love me too,
You look at me, and say "Hey you",
"I'll see you soon, in heaven too".

Originally composed by Matthew V Fernandez